30 seconds spots on the Plandemic. Download these short video clips and post on your website or share in social media or by email.

Lower World Population

There are those who look at people as expandable commodities.

Create a new Pandemic

They reveal their methods, but the media looks the other way.

Simulate a Pandemic. Deny the Simulation.

The MSM will control the Message.

Vaccinate the Whole World

The Globalists have Infiltrated every nation.

Bill Gates Knows Pandemics

They all know Pandemics

All Deaths are Covid Deaths

How better to turn on the fear!

Delta Variant High in Vaxxed

The vaxxed produce the variants.

Pandemic Marketing 101

Invented Pandemics for Profit.

20:1 Return on Investment

How many dead or maimed for life?

Vaccinate the World: End Game

How many dead or maimed for life?

The Great Reset via Covid

Follow the Money

NIH, CDC, FDA. Fail.

Follow the Money

Only 7% of Tests are Accurate

Therefore, it's a Scamdemic